Soon, we’re about to kick off!

We´ve seen some great games so far in the Men´s Champions League. Good games, top teams and star players. Soon, the Women’s Champions League will take place. A new format, new investments and an increased interest in the game. The best part of all: finally the games will be shown and available for everyone to watch for free. 

All 61 games from the group stage will be broadcasted via DAZN. The game will finally get the visibility that is needed to continue growing and fans around the world will be able to follow their teams and favourite players. As a player, the Champions League always gives me a special feeling. There’s something about the tournament that makes me feel like an excited child again. As a spectator, I´m really excited too. I´m full of expectations about all good games that will be played and that we can watch them through the new collaboration between UEFA and DAZN. How will the game end between us (Chelsea) and Juventus? Or Lyon against Bayern Munich? How will the Swedish team do? A lot of exciting matches and questions soon to be answered. 

We´ve a lot of Swedes that are representing top clubs around Europe. Clubs that are all fighting for the trophy that will be lifted in Turin 2022. Chelsea, Wolfsburg, Juventus, PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Lyon and the Swedish team BK Häcken. All these teams include Swedish national team players in their squad. Sixteen teams and there’s a Swede in ten of them. That’s cool and that´s something that makes me proud. 

A group stage, good games and good players. Finally it´s possible to watch all of the games for free. Is there anything that isn’t good with this? Let the games begin. Soon, we’re about to kick off! 

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