We are tired of you bullies

The coach of Borussia Monchengladbach´s under 23s, Heiko Vogel, got punished by the court of the West German soccer association (WDFV) because of his behavior against referee with being forced to coach the club’s women/girls team. To discriminate, disparage and humiliate a certain sex is something that should actively to be fought. Even though there are some interesting aspects to find from something absurd like this. 

The scandal was something that quickly went viral and you could see the shock and anger from many. The two top leagues in Germany on the women’s side wrote an open letter, where they begged that the signals that are being sent because of this is something that needs to end and which should not be welcomed in today’s football world. Several stars from Germany actively shared this in their social medias. I agree. I want to see WDFV, who designed the punishment, being questioned themselves from the football world. We need to react and act, not be silent and accept things like this. To punish someone by forcing them to train a women’s team is an action what divides football and society into gaps, where you push all women player down and in an indirect way saying that their work is not as worthy as the men’s. To do something like this, you are being a bully which thinks you can do whatever you want just because that was the case earlier in the history. It is enough. 

I get shocked, confused and angry that this can happen in 2021 and that it is actually something that is supposed to be taken seriously. But then my anger turns into curiosity. I get curious to se if this coach would be able to manage to coach a women’s team. I get curious if  WDFV is aware that it is not enough just to be tactically skilled to manage a group of women. I get curious to see how the result of this would look like, where a man who coached men on a high level all of the sudden should try something completely else. Because it is something else. You need to be a good leader too to get the group with you, otherwise your tactically skills would turn out to be something for you and your white board only. 

To get the opportunity to coach a women’s team is therefor an experience rather than a punishment. The punishment in this case should be: to never be allowed to coach a team, as long as you behave like that. You are not enough. Your personality is not good enough. A coach is an important role model for his/her players as well as the players are big role models for other people. Undoubtedly it is important to punish bad behavior in a correct way, which do not send wrong signals to the rest of the world.

Therefor Heiko Vogel. You should not be punished with coaching a women’s team. You should go back to basic. To collect knowledge, understanding and experience of what it takes to coach women – this to be a complete coach. WDFV you should realize your misstake and as soon as possible try to make up for it, in best possible way. Otherwise I find it hard to see how you would avoid being extremely questioned. We are tired of bullies. 

Read the full text in Swedish at Fotbollskanalen

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