A rose to all of you

Today, on International Woman’s day, I salute everyone that takes the fight so that everybody can dream big, so that everybody can do what they love fully and instead of competing against each other, we should compete togheter. 

As a woman in the world of football, we have rarely been seen as the natural sex to practice the sport. We are rarely seen as those who should attract the most interest, as those who are the greatest role models or as those who should pave the way for the sport in general. All too often, football has been our hobby, a temporary occupation that will be replaced by something more sustainable over time. When the boys in our class dreamed of becoming a pro footballer, he was given the opportunities and condition to manage his talent. When many of us girls dreamed of becoming the same, it sadly remained just a dream in many cases though the talent was there. 

As a woman footballer we have been raised to be thankful in our sport. Everything that we get, we should be thankful for. We need to fight to make our sport accepted. Vi need to fight to be heard. Nothing comes for free. And when it comes, we should scream out loud how thankful we are. When a girl does something that is not typical ”girly”, she has done something groundbreaking. When she is not grateful, she does not deserve it. When she raises her voice and dares to question, then she is a female version of a man athlete that dares to speak up. Rarely really accepted because she is her and no one else. 

As a woman baller, we often need to adjust to someone else. The pitch has often been occupied by a men´s team and therefor we often had to train late in the evening. But do not forget, we have been grateful. After all, we have been able to train and do what we love. The clothes that we wear on training and game have been too big and just an awkward fit. No space for our hips and far too puffy in the front. Men´s model. But as long as we can look the same as a team, we have thanked and accepted. Media coverage is limited. But hey, they actually broadcast like four games of the entire season, and four is way better than zero. For a long time we have competed with the opposite sex and all too often it ends in loss. I think its time for us to stop competing. 

Today, on International women’s day, I want to give a rose to all of you out there who are fighting, man as woman, for women. I want to giva a rose to you who see football as something for everyone, where gender should not be allowed to limit which dreams can come true. A rose to all of you who do not see football as a competition, where we all know who most often wins i today’s world. It is not a fair fight. We should not compete against each other, we should compete with each other. This is how we all grow, male athletes as well as female athletes. It is a constant struggle, but we are in it together in one way or another. 

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