Sportspeople can raise their voice to make the world a better place

Zlatan made it clear that he was not fond of when athletes with some type of status speak up in questions about politics. He thinks that an athlete should do what they are good at and to stick to the sport they practice. Politician should do politics. Otherwise it does not look good, according to Zlatan. 

Our swedish Milan-star discussed LeBron James´ involvement in political issues. Shortly after LeBron replied. He made it clear that he will not be silent in areas which affects him, in areas where he believes there are injustices in. He has the opportunity to be a strong voice for a group of people in the community who do not have the same platform that we sportsmen actually have. 

Politics is a term used to describe the process that governs our society. In a democratic society all citizens are involved and influence. We have our right to think. Therefor it is not necessarily only politicians who get involved in political issues. I think it is wrong that I as a footballer is expected to only play football and stick to it. What should I do with my other interests, with other issues in society which I find important? I refuse to only sit and roll my thumbs after training and match, and only be a baller. 

I think that if you have the knowledge and the will to make a change in the society, you have the right to engage in those issues. Independent of who you are. Thanks to all of our fans and everybody who is interested in what we do, we have been given a great platform which gives us a strong voice. It is a voice which gives us the opportunity to influence and gather people together. Just look at some issues that we are discussing together already where a sportsperson has been a great leading voice. Manchester United player Rashford is a great example, but there are many others that are doing a great job. 

If we start questioning why sportspeople raise their voice in areas which their sport are not included, then we can start questioning everything. Why should an athlete involve in different commercials just to strengthen their brand? Why should an athlete use social media instead of just waiting for the next training or game? 

We can make the list long. 

Let us go back to the definition of what politics is. It is different processes that governs our society. What governs society? People. What is a sportsperson? A human. Instead of questioning the engagement I think it is more advantageous to help and encourage each other. Elite athletes have the luck to have a big platform, which other people look at. That voice can make a difference. Important questions can be driven in such a better way than if we just rely on our politicians to make a change. Therefore I do not agree with you Zlatan, I think that athletes can fight to make the world a better place. 

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